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Sheet Metal Bending & Forming

Our Cincinnati CNC 5-axis press brake makes metal bending a consistent and accurate process across all sheet metal materials. The CNC brake adjusts after every bend both by dimension and angle to create consistently bent metal parts. This eliminates the time needed to mark scribes and measure each part, and also eliminates material handling time since the entire part can be formed at once. True angles are obtained, no matter what the part length, by means of CNC adaptive forming technology and Auto Crown capability. Twin City Sheet Metal uses exclusively Wilson Tooling, which produces a quality part once bent. Twin City Sheet Metal also has other metal forming tools to produce the quality parts you desire.

Bending & Forming Capabilities

  • Cincinatti – Proform 230+ Hydraulic Press Brake
  • 12' Bend Lengths, 1.4" Thickness Capabilities.
  • Rotodie 10' Hydraulic Press Brake
  • 10' Hand Box and Pan Brake
  • 4' Hand Box and Pan Brake
  • 6' Width Roll Former with 1/8" Thick Capacity
  • 5' Width Roll Former with 0.080" Thick capacity

Materials We Can Handle

  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel